Spend your Arena Tokens on digital items, gift cards, unlocking platform features and more!

Checkout out the Bounty Board to earn more tokens!


Lock-up your Arena Tokens to increase your chance of winning one of the competitions below. The more you stake, the better your chances. If you lose, you are refunded ALL the tokens you staked.


Earn rewards, unlock new functionality, and collect limited relics. All one-time token payments.

Create Avatar

Loot Create Avatar

Generate your own unique avatar. Each avatar you mint will be randomly generated and have special traits that unlock special perks and benefits on our site.

Sponsor Stone

Relic Sponsor Stone

Arena will sponsor one tournament per month for your club (over $100 in prizes). [Relic] 0/3 available.

Club Vault

Upgrade Club Vault

Unlock a club vault! Club vaults are a way to earn Arena Tokens as a club. These tokens will be controlled by the club members and can be used to fund community events.

Lucky Charm

Relic Lucky Charm

Earn 10% token bonus on all Arena actions while equipped. [Relic] 0/5 available.

Club Boost!

Upgrade Club Boost!

Bump your club to the top of the recommended club list for 24 hours.

Wand of Blessing

Relic Wand of Blessing

This will allow you to purchase one game on Steam per month for 12 months. [Relic] 0/1 available.

Chat Rooms

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